Travelling with CBD: Can I Fly with CBD Oil?

As the legalisation of cannabis continues to gain momentum, the use of cannabis oil and other hemp-derived products is growing rapidly. However, not everyone can easily obtain CBD oil without a prescription for medical purposes.

However, there’re still many people who regularly travel with CBD oil in their luggage without any troubles from government and customs officials. Why is that?

Which countries are legal for CBD oil?

The UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan are considered to be among the most CBD-friendly countries in the world. The US has taken steps in recent months to legalise medical cannabis with some states receiving national attention. However, although some US states have legalised it in one form or another, it’s still illegal at a federal level in the country. Also, there are still many people who travel with cannabis oil but aren’t aware that they’re breaking the law.

Can you take CBD on a plane?

While you can technically bring CBD oil on a plane, it’s still not legal to do so at the federal level beyond 0.3% THC concentration if travelling within the USA. This means that if customs or airport officers find out that you have CBD oil in your luggage, they may confiscate it depending on where you’re travelling or if you live in a country or region where it’s illegal.

For Europe, it is generally safe to travel with CBD products that are under 0.2% THC concentration, except for a few countries such as Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Monaco, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Turkey, where CBD products are illegal.

In addition, any liquid that’s over 100 millilitres in volume is illegal according to the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and is also followed by most international airports in the world, and you’ll not be able to transport CBD oil in your hand luggage. In addition to the volume capacity limits for liquid products, you can’t have any plants, seeds, or plants with parts of plants in your hand luggage because they could be considered “illegal items” and cannot be brought onboard the flight.

Tips to legally transport CBD oil

  1. Ensure that you check with the country or region you’re flying to or flying from to make sure that CBD oil is legal in the country or region you’re visiting.
  2. Make sure to check before you decide to carry CBD products onboard the flight which airlines require a doctor’s note before boarding.
  3. Only purchase CBD oil from a reliable dispensary that has third-party testing and lab results as proof that the product they sell is high quality and free of any harmful substances to avoid potential issues during routine checks at the airport during embarkation.
  4. Ensure that you don’t exceed 100 millilitres of CBD oil in your hand luggage, which is the liquid volume capacity limit on any liquid products.
  5. If you want to be extra safe, ensure that your CBD oil contains no more than 0.2% THC as this is the concentration level that is accepted in most countries where CBD products are legal.
  6. If necessary, ensure that you have a medical prescription from a doctor before boarding your flight. This will help customs and airport officials to differentiate between hemp-derived products and those that contain CBD.
  7. Make sure that you know what time your flight leaves and where it’s going, and arrive early to check in your baggage so you can avoid any issues with customs officials during checks at the airport which may cause unnecessary delays in your embarkation process.

Final thoughts

CBD oil does have a lot of benefits and can be a very helpful treatment for people who suffer from a wide range of medical conditions. However, it’s important to remember that you should do your own research and be sure that your destination country or region doesn’t have any laws that prohibit the use, possession or sale of CBD oil. Marry Jane has the highest-quality CBD oil on the market and is a trusted brand for those who want to use cannabis products safely.


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