How to Take CBD Oil: Most Common Methods

CBD is taking on various forms in today’s market, from chewing gum to facial cream. For people who want to try CBD oil and benefit from its properties, there is a “best” way to do it. When considering trying CBD oil for the first time, one of the initial questions is often ‘What is the best method of taking CBD oil?’ Below is a detailed examination of some of the most common methods to consider. Given the vast array of CBD oils available and the diverse ways to consume them, understanding your options is beneficial.

CBD Tinctures

Usually simply labelled as “oils”, CBD tinctures are oils infused with CBD. Goodrays CBD oils use coconut oil and peppermint oil alongside the CBD as a base for the active ingredient. This type of oil or tincture is extremely versatile and allows you to have the right dose of the product orally. Approximately 1 ml oil is usually enough for you to feel the effects quite quickly as you’re swallowing the oil directly.

CBD Oil Capsules

Capsules feel a lot more like a traditional medicinal product and some people are more comfortable with this. Opting for capsules also allows you to know the exact amount of CBD within the capsule and remain consistent while a dropper for a tincture is a little less exact. CBD capsules guarantee a preset and regular serving, and this makes them popular with people trying CBD for the first time. Adjusting the amount you’re taking is not quite as easy with capsules, you would need to look for an alternative method.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies give you the added bonus of a sweet treat while trying CBD. Goodrays Edible CBD Gummies come in a range of fruity flavours and can be a little less daunting than a capsule or oil. Gummies are popular as they seem much less regimented and medicinal than a capsule and the sweet-like appearance is also a lot less conspicuous if this is a concern for you.

CBD Creams

Topical CBD is a new creation but one that is fast gaining traction. CBD topicals can be used alongside other CBD oil products and many people use CBD topicals to work on targeted pain. CBD topicals are applied directly to the skin and are usually an option if you want to try CBD for the health-related benefits it may possess including managing skin conditions and arthritis.

The method you choose for taking CBD oil will be influenced by your reasons for trying CBD and other personal factors. These are just some of the most common ways you can try out the product, with more being developed regularly.