How to Choose the Best Portable Vape

Smoking weed rolled in paper is fast becoming a thing of the past. Stoners these days only need to light their dry herbs with an electric item that heats them well to produce less toxic vapor. What’s more, you can carry along your vaping experience wherever you go by using a portable vaporizer.

Modern portable vapes can help you consume your marijuana discreetly away from home. For the best experience, you need to consider a few things before choosing one. Read on to learn more.

1.    Ease of Use

When choosing a pocket vaporizer, you want a simple thing that is easy to assemble and use. You should pack your dry herbs in the simplest possible way and light it up, then wait for it to produce the vapor. You will save on time you would otherwise use fixing the chambers. Some small vapes come with temperature controls, making them easier to use.

2.    Vapor Quality

Vaping devices produce vapor through conduction (heating the herbs within the chamber) and convection (passing hot air through the elements). Conduction is most commonly used in a portable vaporizer as it doesn’t alter the taste of weed. Some vapes even use combustion, which isn’t a good option for people with respiratory problems. When buying one, ensure you find out the kind of burning it uses to produce vapor.

3.    Size of Heating Chamber

The size of the heating chamber determines the amount of herb you will burn at a time. You wouldn’t want to repack weed in public places with its portable nature. Choose a vape with a spacious chamber to allow you to make a few puffs without the need for repacking.

4.    Look and Feel

Look and feel is an important aspect to consider in a portable vaporizer. Vapes come in different designs and colors to suit a variety of preferences. You can choose a stylish vape that appeals to you and gives you an enjoyable experience. Go for a shape and size that is comfortable to grip. Functionality should also match with the looks. A functional and stylish vaping device will give you maximum pleasure from your dry herbs.

5.    Battery Life

If you plan on vaping away from home, you need to ensure you have enough power to take you through. Some vapes come with external batteries, which you can charge on your adventure. The average battery life of a vaporizer is one to three hours, depending on the combustion temperature. Choose one with battery life and a charging system that resonates with you. Vaping pens with charging cables are a good way to smoke dry herbs and wax. You can easily charge them on your laptop or any other device with a USB port.


A portable vaporizer is a great way to enjoy your dry herbs outside. Choosing one, however, isn’t an easy task. You’d want a vape that is functional to give you a memorable experience. Choose one that is easy to use and has a good battery life to last you longer. Remember, you may not get all the desired features in one vape but you can try to buy best weed in canada.