Benefits of Using Ethanol

Ethanol is a natural byproduct of plant fermentation and is a clear, colorless liquid. It can dissolve in water and other organic compounds. It’s a part of our daily lives from how we use it as a cleaning agent and other things. Check out some of the advantages of using ethanol.

Personal Care

After an ethanol extraction, you can utilize it for cosmetics and beauty products.

For example, you can use the astringent to clear your oily or acne-ridden skin. Also, you want to have lotions to preserve the smoothness. Ethanol can also keep your hair clean.

Additionally, ethanol is perfect for keeping your hands clean. It fights off microorganisms, which may have bacteria, fungi, and other viruses. In a pandemic environment, it’s great to have in your pocket to keep your hands clean regularly.

Household Products

Ethanol can mix with water, organic compounds, and other things to create a solvent for paints, lacquers, and varnishes.

If you’re cleaning up your home, ethanol has compounds to leave your window and glass streak-free. You can clean up the grease stains from your stove and oven as well after a day of cooking and baking.

It also works as a pest control agent to keep the bugs away from your house.

Food Additives

You can evenly distribute food coloring and enhance the flavor of extracts. For example, a vanilla extract could have ethanol in it to give it a more distinctive note when you’re making pies, cakes, and other treats.

If you run a bakery, it’s always good to have an extra bottle of extract or food coloring to add that unique hit to your food items.


With the ethanol component in a gasoline mixture, you’ll release less carbon dioxide and reduce the greenhouse effect.

Also, you can use ethanol if you need a cheaper alternative to gasoline. You’ll make a more eco-friendly decision to fuel your car when commuting to work or taking trips.

Even NASA uses ethanol as rocket fuel for their ships to space.

Primary Agent in Alcoholic Beverages

Remember to drink responsibly because the primary agent in alcoholic beverages is ethanol. Whether you’re downing your next Cape Cod or Moscow Mule, it has some ethanol in it.

Ethanol is a substance to keep our personal care, vehicles, and happy hour drinks. Ethyl alcohol keeps more variety in our lives from the way we clean to our social lives.